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Luwak Spa

A unique ambience in a hidden location, it’s being nestled down magically. Above the Ten Utu river, the flows of the clear water gives an insight of purity in the darkness, while the moody design digging you deeply into yourself to find the true nature of who you are.


The Treatments

Re-inventing the Balinese essence and combine it with our unique persona, we proudly present varied treatments to be enjoyed. Essencing the Traditional Balinese sense to the powerly done Deep Tissue, relaxing and relieving every muscles from your head down to your foot, feel it all wrapping your skin based on your choices.
Traditional herbs, pondering smells and moody ambience it’s all you need to re-awake the true you.

The true you, with love, happiness and health.

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Spa Menu


Balinese Traditional Massage  ⟩  60 minutes

Traditional Balinese massage techniques with thumb circle and palm pressure to relax and healing.

Deep Tissue Massage  ⟩  60 minutes

A strong pressure is good for relieves a tight area within muscle tissue causing pain in other areas of body.

Gentle Massage  ⟩  60 minutes

A gentle and meditative massage, promotes circulation and lymph.

Neck and Shoulder Massage  ⟩  30 minutes

Our back & shoulder massage, helps alleviate deep rooted tension in the shoulder and neck muscular, leaving your feeling relaxing and tension free.

Foot Massage  ⟩  30 minutes

Decreases stress, relieve toe and ankle pain.

Lulur Sriwedari Body Scrub  ⟩  60 minutes

This scrub is good to exfoliation the skin and removing dead skin cells.

Coffee Body Scrub  ⟩  60 minutes

Exfoliating make the skin healthy and beautiful by removing dirt, dried sweat, and air pollutants. It helps to remove dead skin flakes from the skin as well as expose, fresh smooth new skin layer.

Balinese Boreh  ⟩  60 minutes

That traditional Balinese herbal scrub is good to detoxify and warm the body with the clove, ginger, and cinnamon.

Luwak Package  ⟩  120 minutes

Relaxing Balinese massage and continue with coffee scrub, following by flower bath, than refreshing with lavender body lotion.

Sriwedari Package  ⟩  120 minutes

Exfoliating with the lulur, following body massage, continue with flower bath, than refreshing with lotion.